Here is how to bring home your first artwork

While viewing and admiring contemporary art has become increasingly easy with various museums, local art galleries, art fairs, and artists’ websites and social media channels at our disposal, acquiring art is still perceived to be a rather daunting and expensive affair. When we think about buying art we usually end up visualizing an artwork being bought at an auction for a price where the trail of zeros seem like an optical illusion. Thankfully though, with the ever expanding pool of talented artists and innovative platforms that sell art, things are changing at an enormous speed.

Art is becoming extremely democratic and everyone – and we really mean everyone – can acquire art while sticking to their instincts and budgets. So without any delay, let’s dive into a few tips to keep in mind if you are a first time buyer:

Connect with the art

Your artwork or collection is going to represent who you are. As a collector, share the sense of individualism of an artist. Whether it is wacky, weird, humorous, modern, or abstract, trust your instinct and buy the art that really speaks to you. While it’s easy to fall for trends, you have to truly find a connection with the artwork. It has to have a personal meaning for you in some way. Also, you are bringing this art in your home, so do consider the space where you are going to be displaying this piece and how the artwork will form a relationship with your house.

Research your way through

While one part of buying art relies heavily on instinct, the significant other should be based on research. Try to get all the possible information about the artwork and artist that interest you. Immerse yourself in visits to museums, art fairs, and art galleries. The old-school way of walking upto the gallery owner, curator, or the artist for a conversation is still the best way to understand about the art on display. You can also learn more about the art world through catalogs available at museums and galleries and through various print and digital art publications.

Get online

The internet has truly made art democratic. It is the most fruitful and effortless place for you to start building your collection. You can follow artists on social media and in most cases, even contact them directly. Another great way to find inspiring work by established and upcoming contemporary artists is through online platforms like ours which do all the hard work of finding and curating works of new and upcoming contemporary artists and breaking it down in terms of categories and price points. More often than not, they also provide individual consultations to make the process of buying art as easy as pie for you.

Be wise with your money

Money is always a crucial deciding factor, especially when you are just starting to build your collection. Be realistic about your budget. It’s always a good idea to set aside a sum for your first buy, so you don’t end up overshooting. If you do end up falling in love with an artwork that exceeds your budget, don’t be disheartened though. Instead, try to find out about your payment options which could be flexible in many cases. Also, document your purchase. Collect receipts and understand the taxes and declarations involved in the transaction.

Well, we hope we have eased your way into your first art acquisition. We are also available at to help you further. Happy buying!

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