A&F Collection: This Holi, celebrate colors with these 12 handpicked artworks

“On the surface, they (colors) provide pleasure as well as useful signals of tradition and ritual. But if we’re attentive, colors in India also remind us of that which is easy to forget: the evasive nature of matter, and of our own special relationship with light, whatever that light may be.”

Victoria Finlay, UK based journalist and author of books like Color: A Natural History of the Palette and The Brilliant History of Color in Art, said this in an article she penned for Smithsonian Magazine about Holi.

Holi is one of the rarest festivals in India that has moved way beyond religion, tradition, and geography. Even though it originated in India as a festival for Hindus, it is now celebrated as a mélange of colors in various parts of the world. It is universally considered to be a celebration of fertility, spring, love, triumph of good over evil, and most importantly, colors.

And it’s colors that we are celebrating at Art&Found this Holi season. We have curated 12 artworks by some of the most talented contemporary Indian artists.

Red: The color red symbolizes love and fertility.  Generally, it’s considered to be an auspicious/sacred color.


Blue: Blue, often associated with spirituality, is the color of Krishna, a religious deity in Hindu religion.

Anenomes Blooming
Koi Cat 1

 Yellow: Yellow is the color of turmeric, which itself is considered auspicious in India across many religions.

Locust Invasion
Abstraction Vol 1.4

Green: The color green symbolizes spring and new beginnings.

Giant Refugees


Words by Art&Found Team



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